A-Z of Simple Living: ‘E’ is for Everyday

Baby Steps


The A-Z of Simple Living is a weekly series to inspire and motivate – regardless of how far into the simple living journey you are.
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Baby steps are the new giant leaps for mankind. Did you know that?

This is good news. Great news, even.

Because you are busy. You are tired. You are stressed. You are overwhelmed at the idea of adding another responsibility to your life. Particularly an all-encompassing responsibility like, “live simpler”.  How do you include that on your to-do list?!

It’s easy to say you are going to start living simpler. Or start running every day. Or having a green smoothie for lunch.

The fact is, once the novelty and initial enthusiasm has worn off, all you have to rely on is your commitment. Even with that, you need to practice every day.

Gee, Sounds Like Fun. (Or not).

This doesn’t have to be as imposing as it sounds. In fact, you can make small changes that don’t feel any harder than what you’re already doing.


Baby steps, my friend. Baby steps.

And as you string together a handful of these baby steps, you will realise you are living simpler. You are less stressed. Your home is less cluttered.

Baby steps add up in a big way, particularly if you both practice and benefit from them every day.

Baby Step: Do you have 10 minutes to spare in the next two months? Then you have time to make your own laundry liquid. Baby step. Right there.

You will use that laundry liquid every day which is awesome, simple and green.

Baby Step: Do you have time to do a quick clutter bust? Baby step.

Every day you will appreciate the clutter free space. Until you need to do it again, that is. (If you have kids, every three hours is about right.)

Baby Step: Remove five unused items from your wardrobe. Baby step.

Every day will prove simpler to get dressed.

Hey, I Can Do That…

Of course you can.

The key here is not the size of the action, but the commitment to do it every day. And, importantly, seeing the benefit of the results every day.

As you see the results, you’ll want to do more – get organised, declutter, go green, eat well.

And as you string together more and more of those baby steps every day, you’ll soon realise simple living is something YOU do every day.

If you could make one change to your every day, what would it be?


We know things are out of control – we are living cluttered lives, in cluttered homes, with cluttered minds. But how to change? How to start living a slower, simpler life?
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3 Responses to A-Z of Simple Living: ‘E’ is for Everyday

  1. Tam says:

    hey brooke, just a quick question about the laundry liquid….. i’ve read on on a forum that it made their whites turn a greyish colour, just wondering if you’ve experienced this problem, i’m really wanting to try this out but i’m a lil scared it won’t do the trick, my lil one is a grot!!!! cheers Tam x

    • Brooke McAlary says:

      I haven’t had any trouble with our whites turning grey – and our littles are grubby too! I must admit, you need to be onto the stains early and try to spray ahead of washing, and line drying in the sun definitely helps too.

  2. Tam says:

    Love this! I recently wrote a post about the myth of motivation – and this echoes that sentiment. Motivation really is quite useless, because it wears off! If you can incorporate the everyday habits into your life that you do regardless of motivation, you’ll be much better off!

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