Destination: Simple


Destination: Simple – Rituals and Rhythms for a Simpler Daily Life

This isn’t a decluttering book.

It won’t help you organize your pantry or simplify your wardrobe.

Instead, this book is about harnessing the power of rituals and rhythms to simplify your daily life. It’s about being intentional with your daily actions and using them to create the life you want – a simpler, happier life.



Buy this book if you want to discover:

  • Why rhythm is better than routine when creating a simpler life.
  • How to find peaceful moments in your busiest days.
  • Where you can find time to unplug from the digital world.
  • How to empty your mind and sleep better.
  • How to prioritise your daily tasks and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Why you need to practice gratitude – and how to do it even when you feel like everything is going against you.


And if you want to finally stop and smell those gorgeous roses…

— If you want to create a simpler, happier, calmer life at home – no matter your situation…

— If you want to feel in control of your days…

— If you want to find pockets of peace and mindfulness amidst the busy-ness…

— If you want to simplify your life – from the inside out…


Then grab your copy of ‘Destination: Simple’ today.

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DID YOU KNOW: you don’t need a Kindle to purchase the book via Amazon. You can download the Kindle Reader app via the App Store, which allows you to read the book on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


It may be short at just 80-pages, but ‘Destination: Simple’ punches above its weight. Here’s what people are saying…

“The whole thing is uplifting, a gentle call to action. I feel inspired to do less and be more involved in the life I have.”– Amanda S.

“It’s relevant, do-able, essential, helpful and thankfully, not a guide to organising your pantry…”– Kristin C – Mamacino

“The conversational style of your writing makes me feel like I’m chatting over coffee with a mentor-friend.”– Marissa T.


Your simpler, happier life is within reach. I promise.

“[This book] moves beyond theory into practice. I love that you move beyond counting possessions and decluttering, to the real heart of minimalism.”– Bethany R – Our So Called Life

“This is a great – no, FANTASTIC – book. It’s succinct, do-able and easy to read.”– Linda S.

“I love your no-nonsense voice and suggestions. It’s not about things/tools/spreadsheets, it’s about you and getting down to business in a real, deep way.”– Elizabeth T.

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